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Terminator The ARRIVAL Special Edition
  • Terminator The ARRIVAL Special Edition

    "That Terminator is out there.  It can't be reasoned with, it can't be bargained doesn't feel pity, or remorse, or fear...and it absolutely will not stop. Ever.

    ".Until you are dead



    In 1984 the world was left in awe when the massive, powerful, and deeply impressive figure of Arnold Schwarzenegger arrived on the big screen; a scene that long resonated in our hearts and minds.  He made a huge impact with his unrivalled physique and his compelling personality, and as a follower of superhero and villains he swiftly won my respect with the Terminator character.


    The Arrival, fine art sculpture captures this iconic moment.  The piece is sculpted by hand, and is cast in a premium natural mineral which is reinforced with an acrylic resin - giving your sculpture the command of stone and durability to make it last in perfect form.  The materials are stronger than plastic or regular resins, and have far better sustainability credentials, which compliment the artist's desire to produce works that engage and endure over time, and resonate eternally.


    This sculpture was released back in 2015 but due to its success and the demand, a MKII version has been produced.

    The Arrival MKII fine art sculpture benefits from a more refined sculpt, brand new base plinth and is made with a higher standard craftmanship and materials, representative of Garry's growth as an artist. 

    The sculpture is also available in 3 distinct finshes


    Realistic Skin


    Silver Bronze


    Editon Size 25


    Product Specifications

    Scale : 1:3 Life sze

    Height: 320mm

    Width: 280mm

    Depth 380mm

    Weight 7kg

    Material: Premium nateral mineral renforced with acrylic resin


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