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How to Order

Ordering Information:

If you would like to order a sculpture, or enquire about price and availability, do not hesitate to get in touch by clicking Or alternatively, you can email direct on:

Each sculpture is individually hand cast, in real bronze, or cold cast bronze resin, and then numbered and authenticated; a process which takes several months. Many sculptures will be in stock for immediate delivery, but if we do not have your preference available, the casting and finishing process would take approximately five months for bronze, or two months in cold cast bronze, from date of ordering.

Please note that though every effort is made to match as closely as possible the patina finish on each sculpture within an edition to those shown in images, there can be subtle difference due to the nature of the process. 

A deposit of 30% is required upon placing an order, 50% for international customers. This is non-refundable once the statue has started the casting process. The balance is to be paid once the sculpture is finished and ready for delivery, and images will be provided to assure you throughout the process.

Payment can be made easily, via bank transfer within the UK, or international bank transfer for overseas customers. Alternatively, you can pay using PayPal, even if you do not have a PayPal account. It’s easy to pay safely and securely, using your credit or debit card with PayPal – just ask if you would like to use this service (for a small additional charge).




Sculptures are cast by Pangolin Editions Foundry, or London Bronze Casting. These are chosen for their outstanding skill, craftsmanship and commitment to quality; Pangolin are probably the best Fine Art Foundry in Europe, casting the works of Rembrandt Bugatti, Lynn Chadwick, Geoffrey Dashwood, Antony Gormley and Damien Hirst, to name but a few.  It is vital to work with a foundry that is able to push the limits of new innovative and exciting sculptures and compositions such as Garry Ault Sculpture produces. This, combined with their passion and commitment to quality, makes them ideal to collaborate on the process. Garry aims for perfection in his sculpture and it's important to maintain those standards throughout, and deliver that perfection to you.

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